SASAYA offers thirteen traditional Japanese rooms, with authentic Tatami floors and Kotatsu heaters.

SASAYA Bed & Breakfast is nestled amidst Hachikita Highland, located on the north side of Hachibuse Mountain (1221m). At first snowfall, this highland area becomes a winter wonderland with bustling ski resorts bringing in ski fanatics and snowboarders galore. Luckily, there are also natural hot springs tapped to provide guests with warm healing baths after a hard day hitting the slopes. In summer, you can enjoy hiking amidst the beautiful natural landscape, noticing seasonal blooming flowers carpeting the dense wild forests. Spring and fall offer their magnificent colors, too, in a more subdued setting without all the skiers, so you can find a tranquil pace to breathe in the fresh mountain air and appreciate Kansai’s relatively untouched Japanese landscape.



One night without meals ~ 5250 Yen/person
One night w/ breakfast ~ 6000 Yen/person
One night w/ dinner and breakfast ~ from 8500 Yen/person

For dinner, you can try delicious Tajima Beef, Sukiyaki, or Traditional Japanese Nabe* (Hot Pot Soup) with various seasonal ingredients including, Kamo (wild duck), Butaniku (pork), Korean Kim Chi, etc.

*Nabe is always served with our own fresh, locally-grown vegetables.


Check-in time is at 3:00 PM
Check-out time is at 10:00 AM


Please by phone:0796-96-0246 Facsimile:0796-96-0247